Deacons - Ministers of Mercy

Men of Dignity

Not many of us would entrust our family and finances to an unknown person. We would be guilty of neglect if we handed our family and finances over to an unknown and unproven person. There would be a great risk of our family being mistreated or abused and our finances being wasted. Yet this is what happens in many churches. The powerful or willing are placed in leadership positions at church rather than the tried and true. And over the years, many people have suffered under the leadership of unqualified leaders.

God is so good to give us qualifications of leaders in the church. God does so to protect the bride of Christ, to beautify the bride of Christ, and to keep the bride of Christ pure. The qualifications for leaders in the church should clearly be attributes by which all believers desire to be marked. The leaders are to be mature believers that exemplify the given attributes for the rest of the body, providing a visual of spiritual maturity and healthy leadership. The elders of The River Bible Church believe God has lead us to the point of placing biblical deacons to serve alongside our elders. Therefore, we find it to be of great value for us to understand biblical deaconship.

Over the next few weeks, we will explore the qualifications of deacons. Throughout history, deacons have served in churches, exercising numerous tasks, often fulfilling roles that were never meant to be fulfilled. Therefore, we all are encouraged to study the Word of God on these matters and prayerfully wait on the Lord to bless us with His men to serve His people as deacons.

Read 1 Timothy 3

What are the specific qualifications of the elders? What are the specific qualifications of the deacons? What qualifications are the same? Different? Why? What do these qualifications mean?

This Sunday we will be looking at Deacons - Ministers of Mercy: Men of Dignity

What does it mean to be men of dignity? Why is this important?