Coming Back Together

This week our elders, staff, and deacons gathered together to hear from the Lord and seek His wisdom and unity in moving forward in our gatherings for worship and growth groups (S.S. Classes, Life Groups, Small Groups).

By the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, we closed our time together unified and with a unanimous decision to work towards coming back together for worship on June 7th.

See Schedule Below

Moving Forward

May 10th - Prerecorded Service Online

May 17th - Prerecorded Service Online

May 17th-23rd - Thorough cleaning of the building

May 24th - Prerecorded Service Online (Leadership Walk-Through 1)

May 24th-30th - Thorough cleanin of the building

May 31st - Prerecorded Service Online (Leadership Walk-Through 2)

May 31st - June 6th - Thorough cleaning of the building

June 7th- Goal to Resume Worship Service on Site

Between now and June 7th, we are making preparations for a safe, loving gathering of God’s people by cleaning/sanitizing the facility, ordering items for sanitizer stations, working towards providing a live feed for those who desire to continue to worship at home for a time.

Notice, the 24th and 31st are designed for leadership to do a couple of walk-throughs prior to our June 7th goal, so that we can plan and prepare to serve the body well.

Growth Groups

As we desire to comply with the government suggested guidelines, we do encourage growth groups (Life Groups, S.S. Classes, and Small Groups) to gather together for fellowship and encouragement, practicing the recommended social distancing.

At this time, River’s Edge (The River Youth Ministry) and River Kids (The River Children’s Ministry) will not be in operation on site.

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."

While we hope to stick to the above schedule, we acknowledge the Lord's will, His good providence, and that changes may occur. In the event changes do occur, this page will be updated and communication we go out through email and social media.