Are you sure? 10/17/21

Scripture Reading: John 1:1-5.

Catechism Question: What else did God create Answer: God created all things, and all His creation was very good.

"And God saw everything that He made, and behold, it was very good." - Genesis 1:31


To this point in our time in 1 Samuel, the scriptures have moved relatively quickly. In 8 chapters, we have seen the birth of Samuel to Samuel referred to as being an old man. The scriptures are about to slow down; it will take 17 chapters to go from Samuel being an old man to dying. For this Sunday, read 1 Samuel 8.

Sometimes we are better off to not get what we ask for.

The reality was that Samuel was getting old and his sons were corrupt, unfit to serve God's people as judges, even the elders of Israel knew this. Just because we know there is a problem, this does not mean that we know the solution.

What do the elders of Israel demand? What should they have done?

Why was Samuel displeased with the elders' demand? While Samuel was displeased with the demands of the elders, what did he do?

Which one is most representative of you when you are disappointed? The prayless elders who make demands?


The prayerful judge who seeks the wisdom of the LORD?

Living the Mission & Members Gathering

Living the Mission: Saturday, October 16th, 8:30-noon

Members Gathering: Sunday, October 17th, right after service

Family Fall Festival Fun Fling

October 27th, 5:30pm

Come join us for a wonderful night of family fun with games and food. Bring a friend.


Pray for pastor Eric Dwyer, pastor of Christian Church of Mountain Home.

Ask God to bring the River Family to maturity in Christ and to unite us in Christ.

Pray for our country and the nations.