Biblical Fatherhood. 10/24/21

Ask the Lord to lay a verse on your heart and put it to memory and share it with a family member or friend.

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 6:4-9


One of the many aspects I love about The River is all the little children in worship. While I know it is not easy, parents you are doing an important work for your family, your children's future families, and the future of the Church. You are showing your children the priority of Christ: His Word, His Body (the Church), Worship. As an older person in the church, I am delighted to see your children in service, even with all the little challenges that come with them being in service. I pray that you will persevere in this valuable practice.

As we have been working through 1 Samuel, I cannot help but notice both Eli's and Samuel's sons, four corrupt young men. How did this happen? What happened to these boys? Well, we do not know the details, but let us look to the scriptures as Christian parents to discover what it looks like for us to ABIDE in the MISSION of Christian parenting. Lord willing, this Sunday we will focus on Biblical Fatherhood and the following Sunday - Biblical Motherhood.

In addition to our time in the scriptures, I have asked 3 men whom I respect as men of God and also as godly fathers to serve on a panel Sunday morning. It is my hope that we might be encouraged as we get a glimpse into each of these men's lives. We will hear from a great grandfather, an empty-nester, and a father (currently) of two little ones. I am really looking forward to our time together.

Family Fall Festival Fun Fling

October 27th, 5:30pm

Come join us for a wonderful night of family fun with games and food. Bring a friend.